Reflective, Fluorescent, & Photoluminescent Safety Gear

Construction Workers with Vests

GLO is a company specializing in visually enhancing materials and products. We have developed and produced a photoluminescent technology that absorbs both UV and artificial light and releases the energy slowly that is seen with the human eye as a glow; hence our name “GLO.” We focus on the safety market and incorporate our photoluminescent technology into vests, jackets, rain gear and shirts, for police, fire, EMS personnel, towing, railroad and mining, and other occupations.

Beyond the safety market, we are currently developing the use of photoluminescence in a number of compounds that could be used in additional products. This revolutionary technology brings much to the table for a wide spectrum of industries, so check back often for new product developments.

GLO Technology

The current technology of reflective tape is indeed effective; however, our new technology is even better when it comes to meeting the new challenges of the ever changing working environments.

In daytime low-light conditions such as warehouses, or when workers move in and out of areas where obstacles shade the light, our photoluminescent safety garments ensure workers can be clearly seen. Each garment includes three technologies to keep workers visible in all lighting settings.

The technical specifications are available. Simply stated, however, here’s how GLO Technology works in your safety garment:

In daylight, the garments use fluorescence. This is similar to the high visibility “blaze orange” that hunters wear, and is easily seen.

In low light conditions, the garments use reflectivity. This means that all available light is reflected back off the garment, making the wearer clearly visible.

Glo is used in very low light conditions or even total darkness. This is like a “glow in the dark” effect. Photoluminescence self-charges both by daylight and artificial light. It holds its charge for up to 8 hours, eliminating the need for an external power source. When the working environment calls for a very low light or an even entirely dark environment, the garment is ready.

All of these garments can be washed normally.