Reflective, Fluorescent, & Photoluminescent Applications

GLO’s durable, high-visibility garments protect police, fire, EMS, railroad, towing, mining, and other hazardous occupational workers safe in every lighting and weather condition imaginable. Our selection of apparel and other gear all come in a variety of fluorescent, reflective, and photoluminescent visibility options. Our apparel and gear will give visible confidence to wearers, no matter what the light conditions.

In daylight working conditions, our garments use fluorescence. This is similar to the high visibility “blaze orange” that hunters wear, and is easily seen even from a distance.

In low light working conditions, such is poorly lit indoor areas or outdoor sheltered areas, the garments use reflectivity. This means that all available light is reflected back off the garment, making the wearer clearly visible.

In very low light working conditions, or even total darkness, photoluminescence is used. This is like a “glow in the dark” effect. Photoluminescence self-charges both by daylight and artificial light. It holds its charge for up to 8 hours, eliminating the need for an external power source. When the working environment calls for a very low light or even entirely dark environment, the garment is ready.