Reflective, Fluorescent, & Photoluminescent Apparel FAQs

GLO’s technology is designed to keep workers safe, no matter what the light or weather conditions are. We understand you may have questions how this can work, so read through the FAQs below. Feel free to contact us if you still have any questions.

Retroreflective warning garments are mainly used in environments where the wearer is working alongside vehicles, such as mining, tunneling, traffic management, and emergency services.

These garments improve situational awareness and personal safety.

Yes. When you put on a GLO garment, you have all three capabilities ready to serve you. There is no need to change or add a garment when light levels change.

Absolutely. Our safety garments meet and exceed the levels of brightness required under EN ISO 20471:2013 and ANSI /ISEA 107.

Yes. While it’s not like tossing your favorite – or sweatiest – t-shirt in the wash, these garments can be washed 50 times or more before the retro-reflective qualities are affected. We include easy-to-understand wash instructions with each garment. Basically, wash it like you would a brightly colored shirt, in warm (not hot) water, and line dry it.

It’s a matter of preference. These garments are capable of being dry cleaned up to 10 times without affecting visibility or phosphorescence.

Our garments are available in sizes M up to 4X.

Many can, yes. Our product listings show where customization is available with your Vector File.